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The Future of Hiring and Recruitment


No one could have predicted what’s in store in 2020 and this makes it almost impossible to predict the future of businesses. Despite this, leaders need to prepare ahead and this is important especially in the talent and sourcing field.

With COVID-19 doing the rounds, the hiring and recruitment process has seen a drastic change in the way candidates are screened and interviewed. Virtually recruiting remote workers is now the new normal. There are now several internal mobility and upskilling programs that are being built. Today, diversity is being tested based on accountability and urgency. There are 33% of C-suite level candidates that are willing to take a pay cut to work with a mission driven company that follows their ideals.

Today, COVID has drastically changed our personal and professional lifestyles. It is the job of the talent acquisition teams to develop new methods to meet the demands. This being said, top candidates are off the market within 10 days.

Here are three major trends and best practices that will help your team:

1. Internal candidates can match the experience of external candidates

Internal recruiting is increasing and there are several benefits that come with it. The need for recruiters has increased by 63% since 2016.

The pandemic and the hiring slowdowns have increased this trend and this means that companies are increasing their internal hiring processes. This means that recruiters make the best hires irrespective of where they source the candidate from. Internal candidates should have a good and respectful process in place.

“The future of talent acquisition lies in reskilling, rather than finding someone better in the market. If you need to hire today, you need to reskill yesterday,” says Rajesh Ahuja, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Infosys.

The objective is to make sure that both internal and external hiring processes are done in a fair manner. In this manner, the employees should be able to learn about internal opportunities and find social connections for their wellbeing and growth.

  1. Creating a more diverse workforce starts with recruitment

The new hires should grow and thrive in a culture that lets them do their best at work. Recruiters play a major role in representing the culture of the company’s values and how they live up to their commitments. At the same time, candidates would want to know about what the companies represent and this is why diversity is important. Since the onset of COVID, internal mobility in recruitment has increased by 20%. Now, as much as 66 percent of candidates feel that interactions with employees will help them understand the company better.

“We used our own performance data, to show that where you have more gender-balanced teams, where you also have teams that feel more included, teams are significantly safer, more productive in some areas of production, and definitely more engaged,” suggests Fiona Vines, Head of Inclusion & Diversity and Workforce Transition, BHP.

Recruiters should be able to connect with hiring managers that do not prioritize diversity and encourage it. This is why managers should evaluate candidates that have potential. This means that you should be a more strategic advisor and provide a data driven angle. 77% of candidates say that diversity is important for recruiting and 47% say that the hiring manager is not held accountable for interviewing a diverse set of candidates.

  1. Replacing face-to-face interviews with real connections

The earlier approach of interviewing was in-person and online interviews which has moved to a 100% virtual setup once the pandemic struck. The main advantage of this is the cost saving and the speed of scheduling and this reduces the turnaround time of filling positions. But these savings come at a cost and companies are looking at returning to a hybrid approach.

With this approach more time needs to be spent on preparing the interview teams, candidates and hiring managers for the hiring process. Transparency works wonders and helps reduce any friction that might prop up due to the constraints of a digital setup. This is important to ensure that everyone is comfortable using the new technology and tools. The new normal would be to use technology and tools to create a connection anywhere in the world.

“Now that we’ve proven we can run our recruiting shop virtually, what does the new normal look like? We won’t go back to an environment where everything is fully in-person again because we don’t have to. It’s likely going to be a hybrid of in-person and virtual,” explains Shavonne Gordon, Vice President of Enterprise Diversity Recruiting at Capital One.

Last Word

Though the future has never felt so mysterious, this makes it more important for talent leaders and recruiters to be prepared. As the pandemic comes to a close, recruiters will have to find new ways to help companies grow.

Arnold Consulting Pvt. Ltd is a global staffing company that places the best candidates in top notch companies around the world. Our job is to ensure that we help match the right talent for companies and give them the best hiring solutions. If you are looking for a job change, reach out to us at today

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