Tech Skills and the Challenges Faced in Hiring

India is a fast-growing tech hub with around 15 lakh engineering graduates a year. Still, the Tech industry has time and again reported a shortage of talent. One key component in this issue is; of the Tech talent we see, only a select few have the niche, employable skills that are in high demand. Aspiring Mind’s National Employability Report stated that only 2.5% of the graduate pool had A.I skills. So, it may not be surprising that recruiters face a hard time in getting the perfect candidate.

If you’re looking at IT jobs for freshers or are a tech recruiter, keep note of these important and in-demand skills for techies this year. (source: Robert Half Technology Salary Guide for 2021)

  • Agile and Scrum
  • Angular
  • C#
  • Cloud (AWS, Azure)
  • Containerization (Docker, Kubernetes, Helm)
  • GoLand (aka Go)
  • ITIL
  • Java
  • Kotlin

For such in-demand talent, here are some of the most commonly reported technology recruitment challenges

Communication Gap
If recruiters aren’t too familiar with the skills, it is hard for them to pick up on key performance indicators when shortlisting candidates. This can prolong the process or lead to unfit selects. Another issue here is that recruiters may focus on closing the hire as soon as possible. Whereas the hiring manager may prioritise quality. So it is essential for both, to arrive at a common ground on this.

Talent Pool
The ‘right candidate’ for a hiring manager is subjective. Skills and qualifications are easy to measure, but capability takes longer to recognise. Companies want people with industry expertise and soft skills, to confidently helm projects when dealing with internal and external stakeholders. So finding a skill-set and capability match is an especially hard challenge faced by recruiters in India.

IT hiring in India is a zealous task. Reports have noted that retaining top talent is an issue due to competitors. They are noticing shorter stints in companies due to poaching. So providing lucrative offers that go beyond just salaries is a must to avoid candidates running to a competitor to bargain.

Remote Hiring
Fake profiles, interview scams and unethical methods of application are increasing with online hiring. This leads to time wastage and loss on the recruiter’s side. IT recruiters must set out processes that minimize the risk of such occurrences.

Attracting Talent
The creme de la creme of the tech industry are already sitting with the best offers they can find. So reaching them is a long-drawn process. It involves branding, positioning and consistent recruitment marketing strategies where one communicates culture and a growth-fostering environment.

Constantly Changing Requirements
To find talent that is constantly growing and open to upskilling, recruiters must pay attention to their learning trajectory and select candidates that are able to adapt. As technology changes, so does its demand. Therefore it is important for both job seekers and recruiters to know the high-demand skills of 2021.

At Arnold Consulting, we recruit top talent in the IT industry and dedicate ourselves to learning and improving our processes. Let us guide you through your job search and connect you with a top-ranking company that matches your needs.

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