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Recruitment Best Practices for 2021

Recruitment Best Practices for 2021

Without a doubt, you’re industry has been hit by the Coronavirus pandemic and you will be lucky to plan hires in 2021. That being said, several recruitment strategies have to be put in place to steady your business and resume work as usual. The following are recruitment best practices for 2021:

1. Have a Skills Test

There are millions of people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. In this case, there will be lots of candidates applying for roles. This means that you should screen candidates in the initial stages and eliminate under-qualified candidates and save time by using skill tests.
Applicants will be asked to take the test as a part of the initial stages of the application process. This will speed up hiring by as much as 80% and improve employer branding.

2. Resumes are not decision makers

Things are changing with recruitment best practices and hence you need to hire someone who is good for the job and not great at writing resumes. This means that you need to do a thorough assessment and profile check of the candidate before you make a decision.

3. Perfect writing jobs ads

There could be a large number of unqualified candidates will apply as they are in search of a job. Since you are the first point of contact, you need to go the extra mile to create a job post that attracts the right candidates to apply.

The first thing is to post a job ad that is inclusive and not biased to any population type. The next thing is to ensure that your job ads are performance based and give candidates a glimpse of their goals to achieve if they are to be recruited.

4. Connect with passive candidates

There are several times when you can’t hire the ideal candidate because they are happily employed. With the pandemic, people are scared if they would lose their jobs and open to new opportunities. Apart from LinkedIn, you can connect with candidates over other social
media platforms and promote job ads on Facebook, Glassdoor, IIMJobs, etc.

5. Review applicants that applied in the past

At most recruitment centers, there is a database of past applicants that you can connect with in case they are looking for work. Since, you have already connected with the candidate, you could go through the entire process and interview them. If they lost a job due to the pandemic, then they will happy to connect with you.

6. Quickly offer or reject candidates

Since no one likes to be feeling of being lead on, you need to know when to reject and say no to candidates. There is a problem of not being able to send out that many rejection letters in a short span of time. But, you can use an Applicant Tracking System or ATS to help analyse applications based on keywords. Once, you know that certain candidates will not fit the job then you should email them immediately.
Use these recruitment best practices to get the best candidates even if you get a lot of candidates in the pipeline.

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