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Java Developers: Skills that have a Huge Demand

Job seekers

With 40% of all developers using Java and being the fifth most popular programming language, it is here to stay. Here are 7 Java developer skills that professionals use and will skyrocket your career:

1. Basic Java skills

Learn the basics of Java as it is used to build desktop and web applications like Big Data apps along with Python. Ensure that you learn OOP language and get familiar with MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL. Similarly, use popular version control systems like Git and web frontend technologies like JQuery and HTML.

2. Additional language

Use several different programming languages to solve tasks. This is why it will help you get hired in no time for those candidates that have the skill set of Java and SQL or Java and JavaScript stack. Additional skills include Android, JPA/Hibernate, Selenium and Spring Boot.

3. Spring framework 5

With over 2000 website being built with the help of Spring framework. With this library, you can create objects of certain classes and get the best result. You can also learn testing tools like JUnit5.

4. Android + Kotlin

Developers can start working on mobile apps without the web development phase using Kotlin. Additionally, the Android platform us using Kotlin and this is modified Java.

5. Unit testing

Writing and maintaining automated tests can be tougher with unit and integrated tests that need launch and application. Using testing tools like Junit and TestNg will provide easier syntax and immediate feedback of passed tests.

6. Principles of SOLID

OOP or Object-oriented programming improved application design drastically and allowed developers to combine entities into separate classes for special development tasks. You should ensure that you follow the SOLID principle. This includes:

  • Single Responsibility Principle,

  • Open-Closed Principle,

  • Liskov Substitution Principle,

  • Interface Segregation Principle and

  • Dependency Inversion Principle

7. DevOps tools

If you are coding in Java, you should have a strong knowledge in DevOps as senior developers would be part of creating manuals and scripts.

Additionally, ensure that you write clean code, create server-side code, work with databases like MySQL and MongoDB and similarly have working knowledge on JSON and RESTful to be a step ahead.

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