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How to Recruit Passive Candidates?

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how to recruit passive candidates

Earlier, recruiters expressed that applicant control was based on making 2-3X increase in placements per month. Over a period of a year, a recruiter would master this technique and the placement rate would increase over the next 18 months by 3X.

Additionally, 75% of candidates that were placed over the next 25 years were promoted or assigned to stretch projects during the first year. At the same time, less than 10% left during the first year.

The importance of applicant control ensures that candidates do not overvalue the start date compensation and looks for career opportunities that represent the job. The recruiter should not take no when the candidate answers to questions based on concerns and objections on the first call.

Mastering the Applicant Control Process

1. Recruiters need to master direct sourced and passive candidates that opt-out before they learn the merits of the job. Applicant control will resolve this issue.

2. In case you are not getting 2 to 3 referrals for each call then applicant control will eliminate these problems.

There are several candidates that are not looking for a new role or the next step in their career ladder. Most candidates decide to opt out if they do not like the title, wage or job location.

Applicant control includes mastery during intake meetings and asks the hiring manager to review the job based on the top performers perspective. Here are the checklist of how this works:

• Ensure that the job description includes must-have skills and competencies
• Review what the person can accomplish in the first year
• Check with a list of performance objectives and if the person has a strong track record
• Explore making a phone screen call and review their skills and experiences
• Ask specific questions like why would you like to switch roles other than getting a big compensation increase? This information is used to improve the employee value proposition and job postings.

Ensure that you ask questions that can be only answered with a definitive yes. For example, “Would you explore a significant next step which is part of the growth up a career ladder for the long term?”

As a recruiter, you need to ensure that you define the work as performance objectives and look for career merits of the job as a Win-Win Hiring situation. This defines a hiring success as hiring for one year after working together and not just the start date.

When mastering the applicant process, the likelihood of getting good candidates that will not opt out for short term reasons or for the lack of understanding the career opportunities that are in the role. Candidates that want to review compensation should know that the job is worth the career move. The recruiter can let them know that the career move will provide them with a minimum of 30% of non-monetary increase based on growth and learning opportunities.

At Arnold Consulting Private Limited, we are a global leader in recruitment and have a large repository of a virtual pool that we use to reconnect with passive candidates. It is our endeavour to ensure that we get the best candidates for top notch companies across the globe that are a great fit with their team and help them with their continued success.

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