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How to Crack an Interview?

Job seekers
how to crack an interview

If you a get an interview call for a dream job, it’s just one step in the right direction since you need to crack the interview. Here are some important interview skills that will help you get the job and do well in the interview:

1. Learn about the company
You should read up and learn about the company that you are interviewing for. 47% of interviewers based on a study suggested that they would not offer the candidate the job since they lacked knowledge about the company. Take a look at their mission and vision statements, read details about company accomplishments and news about the company.

2. Review the job description

Besides looking through the details of the company, you need to thoroughly study the job description and justify how you are capable of achieving specific duties. You can mention your past experience and instances where you have contributed and made a difference.

3. Read up on the basics
Apart from having a good personality, you need to have great subject knowledge and skills. This is why you need to answer certain questions and brush up on fundamentals to present them well.

4. Test preparation
Prepare for written tests, activities and presentations and this way you will ensure that you won’t be surprised and mentally prepared for tests. Also, read up on potential interview questions and make a note of them.

5. Be punctual
Join the virtual meeting early or reach the interview in time to show that you are professional. Those that arrive late are often rejected even before the interview commences. This means that you have to plan the route and travel earlier. Keep a buffer for heavy traffic and other issues that can cause a delay in commute. Also, by reaching early, you will be less stressed to take on the interview.

6. Be attentive
If you have good communication skills then this will go a long way in impressing the interviewer. This is why you shouldn’t be distracted or daydream during the interview. You should match the pace of taking of the candidate.

7. Justify your resume
Interviewers are likely to ask you about your resume. You will need to elaborate about important accomplishments and sticks to specific examples that you have rehearsed earlier. These answers that you have practiced earlier will be clear and crisp and will help present your work well.

8. Communication is key
At an interview, you should ensure that you are not acting friendly and avoid unnecessary statements in a formal setting. Do not use casual slang and avoid talking about religion, race or politics. You should stick to what the interviewer is talking about and respond correctly.

9. Talk about your strengths
When you are in conversation with the hiring manager, you need to be confident and mention your strengths. Also, ensure that this does not come off as boastful or arrogant in any way.

10. Define your career goal
You should frame a career goal and objective. This answer should not be vague or lack clarity and ambition. Here, you can talk about how you would like to grow by constant learning and what you would like to accomplish in a few years time.

11. Let the interviewer lead
Since interviewers have different styles of conducting interviews and talking, you need to just go with the flow. All them to take the lead and talk in a professional manner and listen well and carefully.

12. Ask important questions
At the end of the interview, ask questions about things that concern you, learn about the scope of work and get to know about the department and the person you would report to.

These 12 steps will help you in the process of your interview preparation but you should know that there is no hard and fast rule to follow. These are some of the common steps that most interviews are conducted and how you can pass them with flying colours.

At Arnold Consulting Pvt. Ltd., we believe in helping talent across the globe growth and develop. Our goal is to help connect the best of resources with the top brands in the market. We know that together, we will grow together and deliver.

If you are looking out for work, then do not hesitate to email us with your updated resume to now.

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