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How Covid is Changing Hiring

How Covid is Changing Hiring

This pandemic has altered the way we operate in the world today. Whether it is eating out, catching up with friends or going to the office, things will not be the same. There has been a drastic change in hiring for jobs or look for new employees. Today, there are several people that are using technology to find the right people for their business.

There is a new kind of revolution taking place when it comes to recruitment. By hiring at scale, there are several challenges like sourcing talent and screening candidates. This is where Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning is bringing about a much-needed change. The following are instances where this advanced technology is bringing about a disruption in recruitment:

Sourcing the Right Candidates

If you are looking for top talent then you have to find the right place to source them. Manually sourcing candidates is challenging and time consuming. With AI, it helps in automating the efforts by pulling in talent from several sources and filtering out the list of candidates to find the potential fit. This means that you do not have to go through multiple job boards or advertise online. In just a few clicks you can reduce labour hours.

Screening of Candidates

Size of recruitment teams have remained the same or decreased based on hiring volumes. This is where AI and ML have brought about a huge shift in the way that resumes are processed. With AI, it enables businesses to review resumes faster than humans can and a chatbot would screen the shortlisted applicants with predefined questions.

Reviewing Candidate Assessment

Earlier, the company that was hiring would have to manually check candidates that approached them for a particular role. Since the 1990s, paper-based tests have moved to computers and now these tests are done with automated reporting and scoring. Today, AI is now used to generate unique test questions and even check on their ability to perform at work. In this way, talent teams can conduct more consistent and objective tests and this ensures that you hire only the best.

Scheduling for Interviews

Calling candidates can be an inconvenience and then trying to figure out which time works for them could take ages to get interviews scheduled. Automation gets scheduling done quickly and this makes it easy for recruiters to invite candidates to find a slot and schedule interviews with their calendars. Recruiters can now focus their energy on the interview instead of spending time on scheduling.

Candidate Engagement 

Recruiters should constantly engage with candidates and follow up with calls and messages. Candidates tend to form an opinion about the recruitment process. AI will bring about a seamless experience and reinforce the company brand. The AI chatbots would keep your candidates engaged and update the candidate with the recruitment process. This helps in lowering the time that is needed to connect with potential hires. There are three major benefits with AI which includes saving time, increasing the hiring accuracy and finally, reducing human judgment errors and bias. This is why both the employer and the recruit will benefit immensely in the process.

Today, 36% of hiring managers and recruiters feel that AI has a positive impact in the recruitment process. Investors are ready to bet on companies that are opting for AI. Currently, there are millions of people being laid off due to the pandemic. Once the economy recovers, there will be a boom in hiring and automation will lead the way.

Arnold Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is a global staffing company that helps the right talent find the job that they are seeking. We have over 38,000 followers on LinkedIn and have helped clients get the best of candidates that are a good fit and blend perfectly with their work culture. If you are looking for a new role, then share your update profile with us at


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