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How Big Data is used in Recruitment?

big data used in recruitment

Recruitment has benefited from technology in terms of the speed of work and how well work is organised and handled. Technology on the whole has changed our lives for the better significantly. But, with technology in recruitment, it has also helped in contributing in a large way to the bottom line of companies.

Recruitment is not just matching a candidate with a position but it includes talent management. This includes training, learning and development, hiring, cost to hire, and reviewing benefits. In recruitment there are different situations that the human resources team has to manage which includes working with talent and choosing only the best for them. At times, talent could move on or there could be talent with gaps that cause them to under perform. This is where learning and development reviews talent and helps them. Also, there is a cost matrix that maximizes its resources and improves the process. While these challenges might prove costly for the HR department, this is where Big Data can play a major role.

Role of Big Data

While Big Data is considered the new oil, it is imperative to know how it will be used in the recruitment process. Here are some ways that Big Data is making in-roads into HR and how it works hand in hand:

1. Mapping Candidates
When the best talent is sought for a company, it can be mapped based on work history. It works by out shared by the AI components to get the match or best fit.

2. Analyse Surveys
The next best focus is to ensure that manpower is satisfied by allowing companies to retain their talent. This is done through Big Data which analyses pulse surveys on what makes employees quit or makes them frustrated with their work.

3. Review skills
HR generated data can give companies the information of whether their talent have the right skills to perform set functions which the organisation needs them to do.

4. Tailor-made L&D Programs
This data can also showcase the result of investing in skill gap that reduces training so that the investment is justified with stakeholders. This makes learning and development programs tailored to meet the exact work cut out for them.

5. Improve all-round performance
Whether there is a pandemic or not, companies need to strive to improve performance. This is aligned with the costs involved and throws details on where employees excelled and where resources are being used. This will help companies gauge which are the under performing employees and acknowledge and reward the employees that have done well with performance management system tools.

This showcases the potential of Big Data in recruitment and how well it is used to grow and encourage employees.

Arnold Consulting Pvt. Ltd. works hard to ensure that our employees are given ample opportunities to showcase their talents and hard work. We ensure that through the steps mentioned above that we review not just work targets but understand the potential of every employee and how best they can grow at our company. This helps us reach greater heights and work smart to find new talent for companies small and large.

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