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How a Bad Hire Can Spoil Your Team


Whether it’s meeting a client or working at the office, a healthy team is important for the success of any company. It is also true that one bad hire could cost you and destroy the healthy environment that you have created.

Bad Hires Prove Costly

When it comes to bad hires, it can prove really expensive for a business. Bad hires and high turnover rates cost companies a huge portion of their earnings every year. A bad hire could create a situation where employees would want to leave, lose out on signing business deals and proving detrimental to the company.

A bad hire effects the organization as a whole and this impacts your morale and productivity which is worse than a monetary loss. An employee that usually does not fit with the company’s culture could have a destabilizing effect on the company.

At times, the company’s productivity would decrease as others would be required to work hard to meet goals that someone else is not being able to achieve. This creates an increase of risk of losing your top team members that take their knowledge and skills along with them to their next job.

Bad hires are known to damage the internal and external reputation of your company. While some employees that meet customers could damage relationships, negative word of mouth on the other hand could damage the credibility of the company.

How to deal with bad hires

There are times when a hire would not be what you are looking for. But there are ways to ensure that you choose a team that will meet your expectations.

Even before you decide to create a job post, you need to determine what are the type of skills that you are looking for. Write a job description that describes the experience and the duties that the job covers. This will help you attract the right kind of talent and will guide you to stick to it in order to ensure that you are not sidelined.

One of the key takeaways is that the right skills is only a part of the puzzle. You need to ask the applicant how they would manage past situations better. Also, the interviews should be positioned in such a way that it determines the candidates’ abilities and checks if they are a natural cultural fit for the organization.

Additionally, you need to check with references even if it means checking with unexpected places.

Managing a bad hire

Despite everything you do, there are times when you end up with a bad hire or someone that is not a good fit.

The best approach that you should go about with these new recruits is to share concerns and explore solutions about work. Alternatively, you can choose to evaluate them and review if there have been incidents of workplace conflict or if others are covering for them in terms of work.

If you could save the relationship with them while they are leaving the company then you can create a plan that helps everyone. Otherwise, you would have to review the damage and protect other employees from several run-ins with issues.

The best work culture is to surround yourself with positive and supportive people that have a purpose for work.

Arnold Consulting Pvt Ltd is a global leader in recruitment and staffing. We believe in taking time to understand candidates before we schedule interviews with our clients. This helps mitigate the risk of candidates being rejected and helps us assess the best ways to match candidates with the right job that allows their skills and talents to flourish and grow.

If you are looking out for a new role then share your resume via email to us at and we will do our best to help you with your job search.


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