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Front End Developers: Skills that You Should Master

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If you are on any website, there is a greater chance that you will be greeted by several pages. This collectively falls under the front end of a website and includes the user interface which is designed for the consumer. Are you intrigued by this and wonder if you would like to be a front-end developer?

So, What is a Front End Developer?

Front end web developers are professionals that design and implement the look and feel of the interface. Users need this interface to access the application and it is the job of the front end developer to make it ease ti use based on the design and appearance of the website. The coding languages that front end developers use are usually, HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.

Let’s differentiate between front end and back end developers:

  • Front end developers are responsible for areas of the website or app that user interact with.
  • It is the back end developers that ensure that the databases and infrastructure is intact.
  • Full stack developers are a mix of both and handle the entire design process from the very beginning.

The lines between front end and back end developers are blurring. Work related to back end developers have increasingly been handled by front end developers. Also, it is important to note that full stack developers manage experiences, manage networks and systems and maintain frameworks.

What are the roles and responsibilities?

Some of the major things that front end developers should handle include:

  • Creating the design and structure of the web page
  • Developing and enhancing the users’ experience
  • Striking a balance between functional and aesthetic design.
  • Making the website mobile friendly
  • Ensuring the code is reusable
  • Use diverse markup languages for web pages

4 Skills that Front End Developer Require

Here are important skills that front end developer need:

  • Degree in Computer Science and/or related fields
  • Great at writing code in jQuery, CSS, JavaScript and HTML
  • Hands-on experience with graph design tools
  • Good at SEO and basic understanding of Digital Marketing

How to Become a Front End Developer?

You can become a front end developer by following these steps:

  • Learn CSS, JavaScript and HTML as these are the building blocks for app and web development. Ensure that you also familiarise yourself with jQuery and JavaScript Frameworks.
  • Understand the Command Line and know the basic concepts like file system navigation and how files are displayed.
  • Gain insight on the Version Control as this will help you rectify problems and a popular tool to go with is Git.
  • Enhance Your Skills with online tutorials like Codecademy, freeCodeCamp, Bootstrap, Vue.js, CSS Layout, and Front-end Checklist. This will ensure that you are updated with the latest developments.

What’s the Future of Front End Developers?

Front end developers’ salaries are not limited to their knowledge and experience. With the influx of MNCs and startups, there are several new applications that need to be developed and this has increased the demand for front end developers.

While a full stack developer is a huge asset to companies that work with development and technology, the advancements in software products and the demand for fast paced technology will ensure that this field is ever growing.

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