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Developing a Diversity Hiring Plan

Developing a Diversity Hiring Plan

Every business needs to create a diversity hiring plan to make a successful and diverse workplace. In order to make this plan a success, you need to establish ways to target diverse talent in your job ads and recruitment practices. This is why you need to evaluate your current hiring practices with an eye towards increasing inclusion. There are several things to consider like fostering a welcoming culture in your business and implementing best practices to meet equity goals and to ensure that hiring is a success.

Crafting your Job Ads

Your diversity hiring plan needs to begin with communicating an inclusive culture in the job ad. This means that your job ad should be able to reach a wider audience and connect with more diverse candidates through the job requirements that are shared. This includes education levels and years of experience to ensure that there is a level ground for candidates that have the right skills and experience. There are several candidates that are not in contention for the job due to some criteria that does not align with the requirements of the ad and this is sure to create a gender gap.

Presently in the job market, most sectors are in recession which makes candidates look for other career paths. This provides room for others that are looking for a new career. This will diversify your hiring and bring in ideas for your company. In the process, you will hire people that are more creative and you can find talent that are more diverse.

Providing Benefits

Inclusive workplaces are usually ones that have a variety of employees. In order to build a diverse hiring plan, you need to engage with talent found in your diverse workforce. People’s lives outside of work affect their work. You need to establish a variety of workers in various life stages for a stronger workforce. This helps communicate that your work environment is more inclusive.

Presentation of Salary Representation

There can be several problems that you will find in a candidate’s salary history. Similarly, the minority and gender equity gap is based on the salary as they have been underpaid in earlier jobs. This is why you should not ask salary questions when considering new candidates.
You should be transparent with the salary range for your job ad as this is important information that helps candidates decide about the hiring process. This creates a level of equity that is tied to the previous candidate’s work.

Also, salary negotiations can also replicate bias that is seen across race, gender, etc. The salary that is considered should not be based on salary negotiations. But, you should look at the experience level, skills and other factors during the hiring stages. You need to ensure that you invest in diverse and a great quality work force.

When it comes to diversity hiring, it is all about looking for the best candidates and not re-examining candidates. You need to think outside the box instead of finding candidates that check off all the boxes on the list of the perfect candidate.

Arnold Consulting Pvt Ltd believes in working with a diverse and skill driven work force. It is our endeavour to ensure equal work and equal pay for all able bodied candidates. Similarly, when we hire candidates for different companies, our team scouts for talent irrespective of race, religion, gender or ethnicity. We deliver with a quick turnaround time and ensure that our picks are a perfect fit for your team.
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