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A Few Tips to Set You Up for Success

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Steps For Success

Success, however you define it, can come from consistency in habits. So, knowing the most essential ones is important. Sure, you must have heard them time and again, but a friendly reminder once in a while is best to keep you on track. From HBR to psychology journals, here is what the experts have to say on steps for success:

What You Wear Matters

Power-dressing or dressing for success are terms you have seen image consultants use repetitively. While the pandemic has eased so many rules around attire, dressing still plays a part in influencing behaviour. Research shows that how you dress can influence the way you are perceived, make you feel more confident, help you focus on tasks and even lead to improved abstract thinking. So, making that extra effort in planning your outfits can pay off!

Networking Is Essential

Many people find networking to be inauthentic or forced. They tend to dread it thinking that it is a chore and miss out on its benefits. People who network have been found to have better career opportunities, more knowledge, improved status, authority and advancement. It is a best practice for career success and can be worked on even if you are introverted. Try to find things in common with people and focus on a purpose when interacting. If you think that you don’t have much to give, remember that recognition and gratitude go a long way. Just be sure to take little steps every day that can improve your professional relationships.

Be Specific About Goals

Specificity can make or break your path to achieving a goal. If you are vague about it, you may be less committed to it as you cannot envision your action points. Clarity of goals can help you plan for what you need and work on each step with conviction. For example, instead of saying you will sleep early tonight, go for ‘I will sleep by 11’. So this way, you work on wrapping up your day in time and can hold yourself accountable.

Push Your Comfort Zone

Staying in your comfort zone can prevent you from growing and learning. This is because you become used to predictability and lack challenges that help you adapt. Getting yourself out of this zone can bring you fresh perspectives, make you more knowledgeable and open your creativity. Yes, it will be scary at first. That’s why you must work with baby steps. Don’t just jump in, understand yourself first and use your strengths as you ease into new experiences.

Work on Your Willpower

Almost everyone has dreams and goals that they want to achieve, but their willpower on working towards them may be weak. Strengthening your willpower can help keep you focused and regulated towards a goal. Discipling yourself with small tasks can work on improving willpower. Especially now, when hybrid work environments are so popular, having the ability to not get distracted easily is an essential good work habit.

Face Failure With Open Arms

Failure is unavoidable. It is bound to happen to the best of us. For some people, it can derail their self-belief, for others, it can scare them enough to never try something new again. What most people forget is that it gives you an opportunity to gain perspective, try other options and grow. So instead of branding yourself a failure for one setback, think about what you could have done differently, how you are going to work on it and the steps you need to take. Introspection and action can help you face failure with logic rather than emotion. By breaking it apart and seeing it for what it is, you can get back up sooner and move on for the better.

If you’re working towards success and are looking for the right opportunity that sets you up for it, send in your resume at or reach out to us on LinkedIn. Our recruiters will find you the best companies in the tech industry and help you through the process.